Dennis Blair & Grant Edmondson, Innkeepers
16 Bellevue Avenue . Newport, RI 02840
401-846-4435        800-945-4667          innkeeper@hydrangeahouse.com
A Luxury Inn at the center of Newport's Historic "Old Quarter"
InSuite Massage Services
LLet professional therapists transport you into a state of total relaxation!
..a relaxing soak in the spa tub, lounge by the fire, settle into a really good book..or, perhaps, off to dreamland
and you haven't even left your luxury suite in our Newport Luxury Inn!
Available in: Chesterfield, Carrie in Paris, Dudley Newton, Winter
Garden, Hydrangea, Garden Gate and Oak Suite@20 Bellevue.
NOTE: Advanced reservations required. Short term notice may
not guarantee the availability of services. Cancellation of services require
48 hours notice or the services will be charged in full.
Following your massage treatment a bath is drawn for you. A tub "tea" of passion flower, hibiscus, chamomil, lavender, calendula
and lemon verbena combined with Epsom salts and essential oil of orange and bergamo awaits you.